Friday, May 01, 2009

The Best Day

Found this here. Warning a bit sappy...especially if you don't like country music.

Just in time for Mother's Day!
Check out the just-released

for Taylor Swift's song about her mother,

The Best Day,

made entirely of home videos.
Super cute! And touching!
We cried.

...and I cried too. I'm big fan of Taylor Swift. My niece couldn't believe I was a fan but such talent for such a young lady is beautiful to see and hear.

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Borya said...

Greetings from the Stephen Duros Publicity Coalition German Subsection to the Texas Subsection! Maybe a good day to take some bittersweet chocolate with a slight chili flavour, a glass of good red wine and listen to Miranda? Well, that's what came up to my mind when I tried to write down some lines about this album ... :)