Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bachelor Essentials

I came across this from an email I got....

Ten things every single man must own:

1. A top notch/coffee espresso machine.
2. A lamp in your bedroom
3. Swiffer Sweeper & cloths
4. A comfortable couch
5. Nice underwear
6. A key ring that can fix, cut and open anything
7. $150+ jeans
8. $200+ dress shoes
9. 300 thread count cotton sheets
10. Joy of Cooking cookbook

Here's my take...
#1. Not necessary in my book
#2. Yes, a lamp in his own bedroom and in his own place is a must!
#3. Ok, we can go out and buy this item together
#4 & 5, DUH!
#6. I already have one of those, so it's ok if he doesn't
#7 & 8. Heck, I don't even have these in my closet BUT have to admit, I do glance at shoes men wear. Nothing like a sharp dressed man and that doesn't include flip flops which do not impress me much!!!
#9. See #2
10. You betcha! Even, I dont' have one of my own...shhhh but don't tell him that!

My nephew recently got a bachelor pad of his own and I will be sure to pass this on to him! Funny though, he called my mom last weekend and she teased him and asked him, "how many women you got at your place"? His reply was, "Mimo, none... because I dont' have a girlfriend right now". Awww, he's really a sweetheart.

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Sandi said...

Very interesting list. Wonder how many single men would agree with it!