Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hoppy Easter!

Music: No Strings Attached, Govi
Mood: Hopping

No, that's not a roomate who is in Dallas just text messaged me and I thought it was cute. It sure doesn't feel like Easter. The temp outside is in the low 60's and quite windy but the sun did peak out for a brief minute. Baby, it's cold outside...ok, not as cold as in Santa Fe, or Austria or Netherlands but for Houston it's brisk indeed. His Royal Highness-Chulo sure hasn't moved and probably won't awaken for at least another hour. Just as well, as I just made a glorious cup of coffee and yesterday I splurged and bought an apple fritter (doughnut) and am enjoying the leftovers. The three day weekend sure did speed by and as always, I didn't do half of what I planned to do. So it'll have to wait for another 3 day weekend, which won't be till April 22nd when I put in for a personal day.

Some other big news that happened over the past trip to Spain is off but another surprise is that now it looks like I will be travelling to India! Never in a million years did I ever think I would travel to India. However, a friend from college is getting married and has extended an open invitation to come to his wedding and all we have to worry about paying for is the airfare. Still, the trip seemed like a distant possibility but certain events and coincidences have just falling into place this past week and if all goes as planned we will purchase our tickets in the coming week. I'm excited and yet at the same time anxious as India is half way around the world and such a distant continent but it looks like the miles will not matter very soon. Time will tell what the future will bring.

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Borya said...

Never in a million years I thought that I would have gone to Mexico!
Just do it.