Thursday, July 09, 2015

Maná - Vivir sin aire [En vivo]

Great concert Tuesday night by the Mexican rock group -Maná at Toyota Center.  So much pride in the band from Mexico and you can bet there was a kick ass song and words about Donald Trump!  Y chinga tu madre puto Trump porque "Somos Mas" cabron!!!

Video above of course was sung Tuesday night and one of my favorites from the band and is dedicated to MJ--for this too shall pass but I can understand your heartbreak and wanting to break free.  Many times, I've wished the same ...

... poder vivir sin aire, (live without air),

... poder vivir sin agua,  (live without water)

... me encantaria querete poco menos, (wish I could want you less)

... poder vivir sin ti, (live without you)

... pero no puedo, siento que murero (but I can't, because I would die)

... estoy hogano sin tu amor (I'm choking without your love)

... como quiseria calmar mi afflicion (I wish I could calm my affliction)

... me encantaria parar mi corazon (I wish I could stop my heart)

y como siempre sigue el Drama y Luz!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Jesse Cook - Havana

Appropriate title song as yesterday it was announced that the U.S. & Cuba have agreed to open the embassy in Havana, Cuba!  Happy to hear this as my travel posse is making plans to possibly visit Cuba in December.  Hoping that everything falls into place as this would be such an exciting adventure!!