Friday, August 01, 2014

The Snakecharmer

Finally August 1st got here--normally I don't look forward to August because of the awful summer heat but since Ottmar was performing last night--it was a special day! Yes, the Snakecharmer was in the house!  I'm not a fan of House of Blues for an intimate concert performance by such an artist and I would've preferred to catch the concert in San Antonio at the newly remodeled Aztec Theater but the beautiful sounds from the band exceeded my expectations.  In speaking with Ottmar after the concert he was pleased to hear that the sound was exceptional this time as he commented how the band really tried to fine tune & work with the various stage elements within the venue--especially on the more intimate performance of "Bare Wood" sounds coming from Jon's upright bass and Chris Steele's hybrid percussion kit.  Needless to say, Ottmar's guitar really takes center stage in a concert that after listening to his music on cd's/mp3--there's no comparison.  Note to self--get a hold of some loss-less FLAC downloads! Attached photo is the cover from the new CD, "Three-Oh-Five".